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Safety, Health and Environment

The new university hospital in Trondheim is one of Norway's largest and most complex development projects.

Construction work on this scale has an impact on the surrounding area, but the aim is to reduce negative consequences as far as possible.

Because the development is taking place close to a fully operational hospital, considerate construction activity is especially important.

Environmental and safety measures have been given high priority, together with the provision of continuous information to users, neighbours and others who are affected.

Environmental issues ave been  taken into account throughout the planning, construction and operation of the hospital. The area is enhanced by planting and developing new green areas, and by integration between the urban and the natural landscape.

The hospital has a central location in Trondheim, close to effective public transport, footpaths and cycle paths.

In an evaluation report by the environmental organization Green Warriors of Norway in 2001, the project organization was given excellent ratings for the environmental work carried out in the introductory construction and demolition phase.


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